Welcome from Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services, your new local "telecom" company. As you can see, we’ve changed our name to reflect the "new" world of telecommunications and the exciting services we bring to you. It’s equally important to note, however, that we have not changed the most important part of our name, "Lackawaxen." That’s because our emphasis remains fixed on our role here in the communities we’re a part of and in our commitment to the quality of service we deliver to you, our Wayne and Pike county neighbors.

As part of our effort to better portray the kinds of service we provide, we’ve also redesigned our website. It seems appropriate for me to take this opportunity to offer a few words to mark the occasion. To begin with, I’ll make the observation that as we introduce you to our new identity, Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services, as a business, is in drastic transition.

In Pennsylvania and across the nation, competition and advancing technology have forced telecommunications providers — large and small, old and new — to take a hard look at themselves. With the decision to replace the traditional monopoly structure, we are learning to deal with competitive markets, less government involvement, and incredible technological change — and the exciting services it makes possible. As part of this process, service companies and customers alike must come to grips with the reality that market forces are transforming the way services are provided … the way companies do business … and the way you perceive us. We must be ready for a whole new way of thinking and reacting, with an eye toward strategies and actions that reinforce our commitment to the folks we serve and our role in the economic success of the community, even as competition spreads and expectations change.

For Lackawaxen Telecommunications, competition is in essence an opportunity to set ourselves apart … to focus on the people we serve … to make a difference in our customers’ lives. In many cases, competition means that we must develop and adopt strategies to educate customers on the economic roles we play, the benefits we offer, and the partnerships we have in our communities. Thanks to competition and technology, we have the chance to deliver all that telecom promises … services that change people’s lives, promote local economic prosperity and diversity, and reconnect us to our customers.

The key to our future, it seems to me, lies in "adding value" to our services with the same kind of commitment to quality that we’ve demonstrated over the years. Both Lackawaxen and customers alike must contend with incomprehensible technological advancements, fast-paced market demands, a shifting economy, and the ebb and flow of regulation and legislation. In the midst of such confusion, one constant holds firm: our role in providing the services on which we all depend to remain active partners in the information age. Similarly, our local "presence" and the commitment to quality we’ve tried to exhibit over the years — timeless benefits such as individual attention, accountability, and one-to-one relationships — now rank as key competitive "tactics." By accident, perhaps, now we learn that we’ve "always played to our strength."

Obviously, this is an especially noteworthy time for our company, as we reach out to all who look to us for telecom services, even as we seek to heighten the perception of our importance to the community’s continued economic viability and success. So we’ve changed that part of our name that reflects the industry in which we work and the services we provide. With Internet access, Predator DSL, long-distance, and more to come, Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services is truly a one-stop connection for telecom products and services.

Still, we’ve not changed the most important of our name, "Lackawaxen", that connects us to you and reconfirms both our geographic and philosophic focus. That’s just how it should be, because no matter how sophisticated the product or eye-popping the technology, the important thing for us is that we are here, offering these services to you, our friends and neighbors … our partners in the community. And that’s just how it will stay! I look forward to an exciting future ahead for our company, for our customers, and for our community.

Frank Coughlin
Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services


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