Lackawaxen offers a variety of calling features designed for the simplest to the most sophisticated user. These features enhance and add convenience to your traditional telephone service and calling habits. They can help turn your phone into a more effective communications and monitoring tool, and make it easier for you to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

While most of Lackawaxen’s calling features require a monthly subscription, a few are available on a per-use basis. The per-use function is ideal for customers who may only occasionally need a specific feature, and is also a good way to try out a feature and decide whether you like it.

Call Forwarding - transfer your calls to another number

Call Waiting - know when another caller is trying to reach you

Three Way Calling - talk to two people in two different places at the same time

Speed Calling - quickly dial your most frequently called numbers

Repeat Dial (*66) - retry a busy number as soon as it is free

Return Call (*69) - easily dial your last caller, even if you did not answer

Distinctive Ringing - immediately know when someone special or important is calling

Selective Call Forwarding - decide which callers should follow you to another number

Selective Call Acceptance - decide which calls you will accept

Selective Call Rejection - send a message to unwanted callers that says you are not taking calls

Teen Service - obtain a separate number with a special ring on your existing line - the ring will tell you that the call is for your teen

Do Not Disturb - turn your phone off when you do not want to be disturbed. A special code will allow selected callers to reach you

Stop Calling Me - intercept unwanted callers, block annoying phone calls & telemarketers *96 adds the last caller to your blocked list

Find Me - allows you to direct your calls to reach you at home, office, and/or wireless phone all at the same time or in an order that you decide

Remind Me - program your phone to ring to remind you to wake up, take your medication, pick up the dry cleaning

The above features are only $2.00 per month or $1.00 per month if you have additional features.

If you have any questions about any of Lackawaxen’s specific calling features, or need more information on how to use them, please call our business office at 570-685-7111 or 1-800-647-7781. Our business hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Or you may email us at

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Call Answering only $1.95 per month - never worry about missing a call again

Call Answering Anywhere $6.95 per month
Get your voice messages on the phone or through your email. Simply log onto your email address to check voice messages. Your call answering still works the same convenient way.

Caller ID $4.00 per month - see the number of the person calling

Caller ID Deluxe - $6.00 per month see the name and number of the person calling

Caller ID/Call Waiting - see who is calling
while you are on the phone with someone else

Intercom .50 per month - turn your phone into a home communications system by placing calls within your house

Customer Originated Trace $1.00 per use - identify harassing callers by putting a trace on the person who last called you; state police must be contacted before this service can be used

Per Call Blocking (*67) - block your number from being displayed on others' Caller ID units on a per call basis

Per Line Blocking - block your number from being displayed to others on a permanent basis; must be programmed at Lackawaxen's office

One time service order charge
Residence $6.00
Business $9.00