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Lackawaxen Long Distance (LLD) is a subsidiary of Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services. LLD’s goal is to offer our customers long-distance service at reasonable and affordable rates with the same quality customer service provided by Lackawaxen Telecommunications. In addition to providing dependable local service, Lackawaxen is striving to provide customers with other essential and advanced services in order to meet customers’ increasing telecommunications needs, which include much more than basic, local telephone service. As telecommunications has evolved, Lackawaxen has done its best to keep up with technology and offer services to help customers stay connected to each other and the world. Lackawaxen wants customers to know that they can rely on LLD for quality long distance service, just as they have come to rely on Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services for consistent local dial tone service.

LLD offers:

  • competitive toll and long distance rates
  • a variety of long distance calling plans that are easy to understand and save you money
  • a single telephone bill
  • a local office and local employees
  • friendly service representatives
  • people who care
  • a single provider for all your telecommunications needs

LLD will help alleviate:

  • separate bills from your local phone company and long distance provider
  • confusing or misleading long distance rate plans
  • confusing telephone bills
  • special "codes" (i.e., 10-10-555) you must remember every time you call long distance, in order to get a certain rate or discount
  • pricing that isn’t always what is promised
  • 1-800 customer service numbers and recordings or automated systems


For more information about Lackawaxen Long Distance service, or to discuss our calling plans, please call the LLD business office at 1-800-758-5699, or 570-685-7115, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or e-mail us at customerservice@ltis.net.


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