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Lackawaxen's Online Bill View

You can access your Lackawaxen account on-line from any Internet connection. Once you have access to your bill, on-line, you can view the details of your bill, including call detail records, right on your computer screen at any time. The first step is to setup access to your on-line account.

It is not necessary to contact us to establish on-line access to your bill. Just follow the on-line registration steps and you will have electronic access to your bill.

First a couple of important points:

• accessing your bill online will not stop you from receiving a monthly paper bill. (unless you choose to do so)

• you can still pay your bill using whatever method you presently use 

How to Setup Online Bill Access


For more information on viewing your bill online, call our business office at 570-685-7111 or 1-800-647-7781. Our business hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. You may e-mail us at


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