Not a resident of the area 12 months of the year? Lackawaxen has several service options for our seasonal customers that make your life easier and save you money. Just click on the links below for an explanation of these seasonal service options.

Half-Rate Telephone Service

While you are away, you can have your telephone service placed on our half-rate program. If your home has a security system that requires a telephone line, this may be the solution for you. We will maintain your telephone service while you are away, but you will only be charged half the basic service rate. This will also insure that you have telephone service at your location in case you unexpectedly decide to visit on a weekend. If there is significant usage on the line during the period, we will automatically place your account back on the full rate. A reconnection charge will be applied to your account when your full service is reactivated. You must maintain a full-service connection a minimum of 6 months during the year to participate in the half-rate program.

Service Bundle Contract Suspension

Service Bundles can save you money in exchange for making a 12 month commitment to the service. With our Service Bundle Contract Suspension option, your commitment does not have to be for 12 consecutive months. Simply choose a bundle and sign a 12-month service agreement. When you are ready to leave the area for the season, just call us and we will suspend your agreement. When you return, call us and we will reactivate your service and resume your contractural agreement right where you left off. Suspension periods must be a minimum of 1 month. As long as you maintain your service for a total of 12 paid months, there is no termination fee. If you totally disconnect your service while you are away, a reconnection fee is applied when you return. If you maintain some level of service with us during the suspension period, there is no reconnection fee. If you do not maintain your service for a total of 12 months, an early termination fee will be charged to your account. Click here for additional information on contract suspension.

Activation and Deactivation of Service

Having your service turned off and on is easy with our seasonal programs. Just call us and tell us when you want your service changed, and we'll take care of it. Your monthly bill will reflect partial months of service depending on the dates you choose. A reconnection charge may apply depending on your service plan.

Hold Telephone Number and E-mail Address

Choosing one of our seasonal programs insures that your telephone number and e-mail address are reserved for you while you are away. Even if you completely disconnect your service, we'll hold your number for up to 12 months until you return and reactivate your service.

Six-Month Contract Option

Even with the flexible options described above, some customers simply do not want to make a 12 month commitment to a particular service or provider. For these customers, Lackawaxen has 6-month service agreements available for all of our service bundle packages. For a small monthly fee, you can select a 6-month agreement on any of our service bundles. You can still use the contract suspension option to suspend and resume your agreement during the period.

For more information on service options for our seasonal customers, call our business office at 570-685-7111 or 1-800-647-7781. Our business hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. You may e-mail us at






  Additional Information on Service Bundles