Lackawaxen's Fiber Direct service provides the highest quality service possible using the latest fiber optic technology available. A fiber optic connection is established from your home directly to our nearest switching center. This provides a 100% digital, high-quality, reliable connection for your telephone and broadband Internet services.

Fiber Direct includes:
- a direct fiber optic connection to your home
- telephone service with unlimited local calling
- unlimited long distance calling within U.S.A.
- voice mail service with email notification
- deluxe caller ID with name
- call waiting with caller ID
- call forwarding, 3-way calling, speed dial, intercom
- return call, repeat dial, distinctive ringing
- selective call forwarding, acceptance, and rejection
- high-speed internet access
- up to 5 email accounts
- 24-hour Internet help desk
- 8-hour backup power supply in case of power failure

Lackawaxen's Fiber Direct service is available in three varieties depending on the Internet speed desired. The following speeds are currently available:

Service Bundle Download Upload
Fiber Direct 15 15 Mbs 2 Mbs
Fiber Direct 25 25 Mbs 3 Mbs
Fiber Direct 50 50 Mbs 5 Mbs

A two year service contract is required with the Fiber Direct service. An early termination fee will be billed to your account if you cancel your service for any reason prior to the end of the contract. Fiber Direct is not available in all areas.

Contact the LTS business office to determine if Fiber Direct service is available in your area. Our business office can be reached at 570-685-7111 Monday thru Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. You may e-mail us at




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